Getting To Know CYPLP and Voice

Children and Young People Living for Peace aka CYPLP is citizen focused, locally led and voluntary movement in Nigeria. Working for the good of the most vulnerable children in Nigeria and across Africa. We recruit members online, develop them to become active social change agents offline in their local communities throughout Nigeria, Africa and across the world.

Dennis Ekwere is a social entrepreneur running a social enterprise. He is a blogger and writes as focal blogger for Voice Blog, which is owned by CYPLP. Dennis is expert in creating, developing and implementing social programs for social change. He uses research and ICT to drive social change and impact through creativity and innovations. He has attended several workshops and facilitated many as facilitator. He is skilled with ICT knowledge, strong foundational cognitive and socio-emotional ability, and is open for engagement geared at youth development across Africa and the world.


We design social solutions that catalyzes, disrupt, activates and empowers ordinary citizens through small local programs for greater actions and results. We mobilize to galvanize youthful energy into productive ventures and help lift people out from poverty through technology and innovations. While we continuously learn and deploy new and creative ways of solving and resolving social problems in our local communities.

Recognizing UNSCR 2250 and 1325, we shall work in line with it for a changed world.

Also recognizing Agenda 2030, our effort shall be geared at achieving the SDGs together.

Realizing the importance of Agenda 2063; with mindset of ‘Africa we want’, we shall synergize expertize with other like-minded Africans all over the world to make this Agenda realistic.

Our central interest is for peaceful and progressive West Africa Region, and we shall pursue this with earnest zeal to the attainment of ECOWAS Agenda 2020.

We work to be inclusive with the other young people and youths including people with disabilities and marginalised groups in informal and formal youth groups through engagement, advocacy and forging of policy formulations and frame works that create space and opportunities equally for all.

We came to defend and protect the rights of the vulnerable, provide water, toilets and hygiene in slums, availing access to justice to poorest poor through empowerment of young people as active citizens, such that citizens can catalyze change through small local actions that brings solutions to their communities.

CYPLP has chosen to target the poorest parts of the society, recognizing that these set are the most vulnerable to violent conflict, abuse and neglect including HIV and AIDS. We work to localize, translate and interpret what Sustainable Development Goals are to the rural poor. And connect children and young people to it, by simplifying what SDGs is all about. We step down messages for spread and benefits at the grass-root level through sustainable strategies and approaches that stand the test of time.

CYPLP trains and develop school teachers, coaches, caregivers, youth workers etc in the area of Peace and Conflict Resolution, Radicalization and Violent Extremism, Migration, Child Trafficking, Child’s Rights and Human Rights, Health and Education, Agriculture and Climate Change, among others. Over the years, we have done several localized social programs that have direct bearing to the lives of our everyday target group, including out of school children.

We work through schools, orphanages and slums in hard to reach locations, with a core intent to create peace of mind to vulnerable children and young people in Nigeria and Africa.

As social enterprise, we create, develop and implement creative programs geared at creating and accelerating job opportunities digitally for young people especially girls and drop-out-of-school single adolescent mothers.

Our strength is in the use of social media and internet space for social good. We recruit ordinary youths online and turn them into real time volunteers as change agents. We are best at grass-root mobilization, aimed at addressing small problems before they turn into bigger ones. We exist to stand in the gap as voice to voiceless children, with a passion to render service above self at all times.

That, together we can touch lives, and change lives of millions of young vulnerable people with just the little things we can do. Yes, that’s why we are here.

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